At Lifegiving Botanicals and Skin Care, our deep interest in optimal health began close to home. We have seen firsthand the extraordinary benefits of our life giving products in the lives of family, friends, clients, our greater community and yes - ourselves. We not only have a passion to put our techniques and products to the test but to continue to research and source the best of the best for our clients and customers. Our focus is on education, quality, generosity, and joy.

Lifegiving Botanicals and Skin Care sources only the best health products available and educates its clients on customized solutions that fit their specific life needs. By doing this, Lifegiving Botanicals and Skin Care sets the standard for providing holistic health solutions for families and individuals. Our partnerships combine the talents of some of the world’s leading estheticians, nutritionists,  scientists, chemists, formulators and experts in the industry.

Using the most advanced technology, Lifegiving Botanical’s products combine the freshest ingredients and essential oils to deliver clean products that are unparalled in today’s industry. Unlike most products, our partners hand pick each ingredient to add a healing component to our solutions. We exclude all parabens, dyes and chemicals which contaminate your skin and your overall health. Our skin care products are nutrient concentrated, with cutting edge synergistic activity that achieves results rapidly.


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