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Lifegiving Botanicals

Our Story

It all started with a deep desire to help women (both young and old) look and feel beautiful without radically altering their body because - as Tiffany says "what you put on the outside ends up on the inside." With disturbing answers that ranged from high-powered medications, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, to surgeries, the frustration mounted. Several alternative approaches did very little to ease the “age-related skin inflammation” which sparked a search for an alternative solution.

In 2014, Lifegiving Botanicals and Skin Care was formed to realize a dream - a healthy alternative for women and men to attain great looking skin.  In addition, Tiffany decided to source, sell, and educate people on how you can improve your skin both in the spa but also at home with products that help to repair and rejuvenate our bodies and skin without putting your health at risk.

By remaining committed to this mission and vision, Lifegiving Botanicals and Skin Care sets the standard for providing holistic solutions for families, individuals and professional health & wellness providers. As our lives get busier it is still important to take care of our largest organ - our skin.  Our partnerships combine the talents of some of the world’s leading estheticians, nutritionists, scientists, chemists, formulators and experts in the industry.

We are excited for you to join Tiffany and her team on this journey and look forward to seeing you soon!