Antioxidant Toner

Antioxidant Toner is for all skin types. Flushes dirt from pores and repairs free radical damage. Beta-glucosamine serves as a building block to collagen and elastin while minimizing inflammation.

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  • Lifegiving Skin Care Antioxidant Toner is for all skin types
  • Antioxidants for your skin helps fight free radical damage
  • Promotes moisture retention and softens skin
  • Helps repair free-radical skin damage
  • Amino guanidine smooths and softens the skin


Apply after cleansing. Use a small amount on a cotton square and apply or spritz directly to skin. Use during the day, in the evening and after exercise.


Distilled water, hamamelis extract, hyaluronic acid, phenyl butyl nitrone, D-beta glucosamine, amino guanidine, citric acid, glycolic acid and strawberry and melon extracts.

Weight 2 oz


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